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Chaparral Band

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Chaparral Firebird Band Community

This community was created as a place where past, present, and future members of the Chaparral High School marching and/or concert band can post. This community is brand new, and not many band members currently have Livejournals, but I'm working on that! Here are the starting guidelines for the community:

  • Talk about anything! Feel free to post reminders of rehearsals, sectionals, or plug your birthday party! Off topic posts are welcome.
  • Debate and discussion are welcome, but no bashing anyone else
  • We love to see pictures, but if you're posting more than one please remember to put it behind an LJ cut. We don't want to clog up everyone's friends page.

This community was created by flightsofangels and is maintained by starsofmysoul

Cheers! And have fun, damnit!