Dr. Watson, PhD MD BS (_particleman) wrote in chsband,
Dr. Watson, PhD MD BS


yeah so first up was the ASU/UA game with Mrs. Mireau, Liz, and Rebecca. It was pretty sweet. We (ASU AHEM) came back in the fourth to win with a field goal in the last 6 seconds for a final score of 23-20
and then the CHAPARRAL/CACTUS game. Man. We were so freakin' bad. First we screwed up by managing to give them a SAFETY for two extra points, then we gave them a TD. We got a TD again, BUT FREAKING MATT BOATMAN CAN'T KICK A FIELD GOAL TO SAVE HIS LIFE! They BLOCKED it. There's a reason you kick field goals HIGH, Boatman. EFff
and so yeah. They only really won because of an interception in the last minute of the fourth quarter :( There goes my HS football-band career folks. THANKS TO KYLE WILLIAMS LETTING THE BALL BOUNCE OFF HIS HANDS :[ ah well.

And then DENNY'S with Ben and Megan and Jacque and Sophia and Jess(i/y/e?) Stansel and then the other table (the "couples table" LOLRAOFL!) with Ian/Katie and Stephenwarren/Kelsierhodes. yeah that was fun. And if any of you ladies wanna see my knife collection...you're free to come over whenever. you know. knives
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